Friday, July 9, 2010

Cliff Lee to Twins! Er, Yankees! Reds? No wait—Rangers!

Isn’t this FUN? Aren’t you just on Google News searching for “Cliff Lee” every other minute?

What? You aren’t? Here’s a super informative time-line of the reports coming out on Cliff Lee:

July 3: Why Cliff Lee Has No Shot at Coming to The Bronx This Season

July 3, 10:10pm: Source says Minnesota Twins leading race to acquire pitcher Cliff Lee

July 6, 12:15am: Twins offer prospects Aaron Hicks and Wilson Ramos to Mariners for Cliff Lee

July 6, 5:03pm: Rangers favored to land Cliff Lee

July 7, 10:40am: Joel Sherman (NYPost): "[T]he perception in baseball is that Minnesota is the frontrunner for Lee. "

July 7, 5:53pm: Joe Christensen (StarTribune): “The Twins and Mariners have yet to exchange proposals for Lee.”

July 8, 8:12am: Cliff Lee to Twins?

July 8, 1:25pm: Baseball Source: Rangers Favorite To Land Cliff Lee

July 8, 8:05pm: Reds in early stages of negotiations for Lee

July 9, 4:01am: Joel Sherman (NYPost): Yankees on brink of trading top prospect for Cliff Lee

July 9, 8:01am: Yankees-Mariners talks about Lee may be breaking down

July 9, 9:30am: Are the Yankees About to Get Cliff Lee?

July 9, 11:32am: What if Yankees get Lee?

July 9, 11:51am: Yanks Bag Cliff Lee Under Mets and Omar Minaya's Noses

July 9, 12:59pm: Report: Lee trade to Yankees is off

July 9, 3:45pm: Joel Sherman (NYPost) Yankees won't get Cliff Lee in trade after Mariners back out

July 9, 5:01pm: Joel Sherman (NYPost) Yankees don't get Cliff Lee; Mariners trade him to Rangers

Don't you feel informed now?

You're welcome.


July 9, 5:30pm: Rangers make bold move, deal for All-Star Lee is finally calling it!


  1. It ruined my day when I heard about Lee to the yankees from my gentleman, then a 100 degree shift for the better when I heard about the Rangers. (180 would only have been possible with a trade to the twins.)

  2. This is just called "how to whip up a media storm without explicitly renting out a whole hour on ESPN." I mean really--how much of this stuff am I really supposed to believe is true?