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Bobblehead Day Madness and Other Home-Stand Notes



Target Field’s First Bobblehead Day (a.k.a. “Whaa? No Re-entry?”)

July 4th was a big day in Twins Territory—Target Field’s first Bobblehead Day. If you never went to a bobblehead day at the Metrodome, this is typically how it went: a few crazy fanatics would get in line the night before, pitching their tent outside one of the gates and such. All the sane people would show up the next day, one to three hours before the gates opened. The gates opened two hours before the game, everyone filed in, got their dolls—then immediately turned around, got their ticket signed, and left the game. Fans were allowed to re-enter later with the signed tickets. Some fans came back, many didn’t.

Crazed Fans stand in line at the Metrodome for Kirby Puckett Bobblehead Day, May 3rd, 2009

At Target Field, however, things are different—there is no re-entry. This was announced in the Target Field Fan Guide, on the Twins’ Website, and also in an AP story carried by the Pioneer Press, WCCO, and USAToday.

Apparently, however, some people live under a rock, because when I checked Facebook later a fan who runs a Target Field page was complaining about the different re-entry policy. “Fans were trapped rats at 11 AM” the guy wrote in his status.

The horror! Twins fans “trapped” in Target Field for two hours on a beautiful day!

One person who responded to the comment said she had never even been to Target Field before—and she was raging over the no re-entry policy!

I really do not know how someone could go out of their way to specifically get tickets for bobblehead day and plan to be there early without hearing about the re-entry policy, or at least looking into it. I became aware of this policy change before the season even started. It's not like no one knew about it. Not to mention, ushers were outside warning people in line that there was no re-entry.

The change in policy makes perfectly good sense--unlike at the Dome, it would be way too easy for fans in Target Field to slip their re-entry tickets to ticketless fans outside the park. Steel bars are all that separate the park from the street in a lot of areas, plus there are all those patios on (or hanging over) the sidewalk outside. Just think about it.

Spending two hours at Target Field before the game starts really isn’t that bad. If you’re worried about spending too much money on food while there, bring your own food (but remember—projectiles such as apples must be sliced). If you're hot, go into air-conditioned Hrbek's, Town Ball Tavern, or another area. If you're bored, go to the game station behind center field and play video games. If you don’t want to carry your bobblehead with you around the park, bring a bag to carry it in. If you don’t have enough forethought to bring a bag, sign up for that Treasure Island thing in left field and get a free Twins bag at the game. If you find something else to complain about, just don't even bother coming in the first place.

Seriously. If you’re a Twins fan and call yourself a “trapped rat” because you have to spend two hours in Target Field with a bobblehead, there is no helping you.

Anyway--welcome to the family, Minnie and Paul.

Jim Thome is a Freaking A-Hole

There have been many things to look forward to this season, and there was one I was looking forward to particularly: seeing Thome hit his 573rd and 574th homerun to tie and pass Harmon Killebrew for 10th place on the all-time homerun list.

Of course, out of all the games I have attended this season, and even just in the past week—Thome waits and hits both 573 AND 574 on Saturday when I was not at the game.

I know, I know, cry me a river. But they did replay Harmon’s video congratulations video and have Thome do another curtain call before the game on Sunday.

Congratulations Thome! It's so great to finally see you in a Twins uniform!

The Story of Corey Koskie, the Dragonfly

About halfway through Sunday’s game, my Mom looked over at me and said “Don’t move! There is a pretty dragonfly on your head!”

After the critter stuck around for a few minutes, we named him Corey Koskie.

Corey Koskie ended up sitting on my head for almost the entire game. I even went to go to the bathroom and Corey Koskie WAS STILL ON MY HEAD!

The people sitting behind me were pretty amazed with Corey Koskie as well. Thankfully, they saved me by gently re-directing Corey Koskie in the 7thn inning when he started trying to climb into my ear.

In the 9th inning, my Mom suddenly noticed that Corey was gone. I figured he had flown away. When we were leaving, however, I looked down at the ground behind my seat and saw Corey Koskie lying on the ground twitching!

My Mom and I tried to make him comfortable. We figured it was post concussion syndrome and there wasn’t much we could do about it. We left him on top of a piece of newspaper.

Post-Game Fireworks Were Kinda Lame

Friday’s game was exciting, because (a) the Twins actually won, and (b) there were the first ever post-game fireworks at Target Field!

So the fireworks were actually sort of lame. My favorite part was just seeing all the light turned off at Target Field.

Here's a video of the beginning of the show:

That's pretty much as exciting as it got. It probably looks better on video.

The players and their families watched the fireworks from the field. Joe Nathan, now apparently regulated to team babysitter, could be seen chasing a bunch of kids around.

If anyone from the Twins organization is reading this, here’s my suggestion: instead of only lighting fireworks from the top of the parking ramp behind right field, light off fireworks from a few of the different parking ramps surrounding the field! Heck, get some lasers or something too.

When I was leaving the game after the fireworks, I noticed the craziest thing of all:

It's a Glen Perkins street flag!

Other Pictures from the Homestand:

Beiber craziness at Target Center.

Pavano craziness at Target Field.

Is this a joke? (yes--that is a Cubs Mark Prior jersey!)

Remember--vote Delmon!

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