Monday, July 19, 2010

Mike Redmond: "They should bring me back just to hang out."

With all of the excitement surrounding the Twins’ series win over the White Sox this weekend, I almost missed this gem, hiding at the bottom of the notes following a short Pioneer Press story on Mike Redmond from Saturday:

Former Twins catcher Mike Redmond, released by Cleveland, kidding, on the Twins: "They should bring me back just to hang out."

Yes! Please! Can Mike Redmond come hang out?

Just imagine: More naked batting practice. More smelling ‘em RBIs. More piggyback rides for Punto.

Morneau lamented to an FSN reporter a couple weeks ago about how much he missed Redmond, and felt it was affecting the team. "Not having (Mike) Redmond here has made a difference in the dugout," He said. "He didn't play every day, but he was involved every day. He was in there, yelling and just having fun. Keeping you loose in the dugout.

"Being positive is the most important thing. Sometimes this game can beat you up, it's so negative."

Prior to the series win over the White Sox this weekend, when the team slipped into third in the division, it seemed like all of Twins’ Territory had reached a Jim Souhan-level of negativity. It was so bad I even contemplated leaving this blogging business so I wouldn’t have to keep up with all the mean things big old meanies were saying on the internet—like “Fire Gardy!”, “Sit Mauer!”, and “It’s our job as fans to complain about the team!”

I just want to have some faith, keep watching, and scream like a banshee when our boys come through. Like this:

See? Isn't that more fun than just complaining about Nick Blackburn?

The Twins have good players, those players just need a spark.

So what do you say Twins? Can Redmond come back? Just to hang out?

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