Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Can the Twins play the Royals/Orioles everyday?

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Best road trip ever!

Okay, maybe not technically but it sure feels like it. Over the past 7 days on the road, the Twins have outscored their opponents 60-16! The highest point of the trip was on Monday, when the Twins all padded their stats by beating the Royals 19-1! That score deficit apparently tied the Royals’ worst loss ever—but one poster on the Kansas City Star website made a pretty strong argument as to why it was actually the worst Royals’ loss ever.

Which is why I like the Royals, and their fans. They really love baseball. They also have blog headlines like this:

“Avoiding The Shutout: Royals Lose 19-1 To Twins”
“Game 99 Open Thread - Twins at Royals: I guess it really can't get much worse on the field tonight compared to last night's game.”
“Royals Make It Interesting, Lose Nevertheless: A 6-4 loss is like a win, right?”

See? Finding the positives! No temper-tantrums!

So kudos to Royals Fans!

Some other things worth noting:

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