Sunday, March 1, 2015

All Ten Original Star Trek and TNG Movies Ranked

This has nothing to do with baseball. Sorry. I just watched 10 Star Trek movies in 48 hours, and I have to share my observations.

10. Star Trek 1 -- Sucks. I hated it. I watched it drunk and didn't even like it.

9. Star Trek (10) Nemesis --All of the concepts in this movie could have been used to make a great movie. But the exact opposite happened.

8. Star Trek (8): First Contact -- The borg make me piss my pants on the fright scale; and the Earth scientist guy is interesting. It's eh, but gets the job done.

7. Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier -- The best part of this movie is the birth of the line: "What does God need with a starship?" Has intriguing parts, but tons of wasted time.

6. Star Trek (9): Insurrection -- I have this rated here for some reason,

5. Star Trek 3: Search for Spock -- This movie that's really just dedicated to bring Spock back to life is pretty cheesy, but did a really good job reaching that end goal. Christopher Lloyd as a Klingon is also a good move.

 Star Trek (7): Generations -- Seeing the captains together. Enjoyable for Star Trek fans, but probably not others.

3. Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country -- KIRK AND BONES GET SENT TO THE ARCTIC KLINGON GULAG!! But seriously this was one of the best movies. Good, unique plot.

2. Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home (aka "The one with the whales!") -- This is definitely the funniest Star Trek movie ever. The actual premise of the movie is that an alien probe is destroying earth looking for (now extinct) whales, so the Enterprise crew has to take their stolen bird of prey back to the 1980s and kidnap some whales. . Especially since I was like 9 the last time I saw this, the joke about Chekov (with his heavy Russian accent) asking mid-80s Americas where "da nuclear wessles!" were went completely over my head and cracked me the hell up. Also, when Spock jumps in the whale tank to mind-meld with the whales.

1. Star Trek 2: Wrath of Kahn -- This is a perfect movie of its era. This is a perfect sci-fi movie. It even still holds up now. The line-graph plot of this movie is incredible. I was completely sobbing by the end. This wasn't just a good Star Trek movie, or just a good sci-fi movie; this is a good movie.

Do you agree?


  1. Great list. My ranking, from worst to first: Insurrection, The Final Frontier, Nemesis, The Motion Picture, The Search for Spock, Generations, First Contact, The Voyage Home, Undiscovered Country, Wrath of Khan

  2. Dude, Jesse. I have a big problem with anyone rating The Voyage Home lower than 2nd. I just, no Jesse. No!

    For some reason I don't remember much of Insurrection at all. I watched all of these in a 48 hour period, and I guess I was like peak drunk during insurrection? Hence my explanation of where it's placed.

    Literally the only reason Final Frontier is higher than First Contact is because of the line "What does God need with a star ship?" Plus whenever Data gets his freak on it grosses me the hell out.

  3. The Voyage Home is my all time favorite!

  4. The Voyage Home is my all time favorite!

    1. Yeah, it's pretty close. Funny how those two are the best but are completely different.

    2. Yeah, it's pretty close. Funny how those two are the best but are completely different.

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