Friday, February 20, 2015

MLB and their Baseball Pace of Play rules can GO TO HELL!!!

MLB has apparently come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with baseball's pace of play. American football—the most popular sport in America (and also the slowest sport in America)—is just SO FAST that baseball pales in comparison.

In view of these facts, what has MLB been doing? Trying to make baseball more like football.

Baseball has added instant replays, complete with a "challenge" system like the NFL. They are now trying to add and enforce more rules to take more of the moments of tension that make baseball what it is out of the game.

MLB bigwigs are completely out of touch with the very product they are in charge over.

Why isn't MLB trying to market baseball in the other direction? Marketing the unique aspects of what makes baseball baseball and that make it better than football? Why is MLB trying to market baseball by just making it more like the NFL?

Guess what, MLB: if you try to market baseball by making it more like football, you will always be chasing the NFL. A lot of the supposed weaknesses of baseball are, in fact, its greatest strengths. Seriously. Come on.

This isn't rocket science.

This is an epic marketing failure.


  1. What's hilarious is "increasing offense" and adding more players on base adds time to the game as well. Hopefully it doesn't stick. I love this game and there's just something cool about going to a mlb ballpark knowing that the game could last past midnight.

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