Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kirby the Kestrel IS Alive, and Other Homestand Notes

I don't have cable, but someone told me the other day that Bert Blyleven said that Kirby the Kestrel has not been back to Target Field since awesomely catching and eating a moth on live TV May 6th, 2010. That is not true. Apparently Bert is paying too much attention to the game, because I saw Kirby on Mother's Day and against the Brewers.

AND I saw Kirby the Kestrel circling above Target Field just before the first pitch on June 16th.

(Picture Courtesy of My Mom)

Speaking of birds, has anyone else noticed that a bunch of barn swallows freaking love to fly around Target Field at sunset just before games?? My Mom and I named them.

Peanut-Free Twins

The Twins announced today that they are reserving, for a couple games, a mostly standing room only area for people who are allergic to peanuts. Doesn't that give you the warm fuzzies?

You can see the Star Tribune report on it here. Note lehun14's comment:


Can we please create several "double play free" games as well?

Walks Will Haunt

If you were trying to find the one thing that survived the trip from the Metrodome to Target Field, I found it. And it's awesome.



The after picture wins because (a) it's outside, (b) the ghost doesn't look like he just took a pee bath, (c) it's more haunting, and (d) the disgruntled Twins O-Gram in the corner.

Morneau is MLB's Most Fan-Accessible Player

Before the Royals game on June 10th, some fans near the right field (where the Twins were warming up) kept yelling at Justin Morneau. Justin then came over to the Fans and signed autographs for about 15 minutes!

This was just before the game started. Very awesome on the part of Morneau. He must be trying to show up Mauer in the most fan-accessible player rankings.

Jon Rauch Will Eat You

All those complaining about how the Twins need to trade for a closer need to shut up. Look at this awesome intro the Twins made for Rauch.

Doesn't it feel like Jon Rauch is going to reach through the computer screen and punch you in the face?

Other Pictures From the Home stand:

Liriano, working the strikeout board.

Twins fans watching the game.

Downtown at rainy/humid.



  1. I fracking LOVE this blog! As an out-of-state Twins fan, I feel like I can live vicariously through your very funny observations and awesome pictures. So thank you! :-D

  2. In regards to the story about the electric wheel-chairs, Hamas claims that Israel took out all the wheel-chair batteries so that they can't be used by the people. The spokesman said that first of all, Hamas can't know what Israel is doing because they are not allowing the aid into the Strip. Secondly, one needs to take out the batteries from the wheel chairs because if they are stored for a long time in the heat with the batteries, the batteries get ruined. He then took the journalists to the inside storage space, which is kept cool. There all the batteries were neatly placed in boxes all lined up. He said that the minute they will get a green light from Gaza, Israel can transfer everything into the Strip. Then the batteries will be transferred together with the chairs.

  3. Ames... what the heck are you talking about? They got the green light to deliver the wheelchairs and they did deliver the wheelchairs, but they conveniently did not deliver the batteries. What is the point of that? Geez...

  4. And Anonymous--

    Thank you for the love. This is exactly what I was hoping I could provide others with. Random stuff. Really. It's why I love baseball--always been a big fan of the social history, all that, and everything else. Thank you again!!