Saturday, June 19, 2010


Did you see that blast off Butera?


Did you SEE Drew Butera hit that homerun? THAT'S why stats can't predict the future.
Holy freaking cow.

It totally made me feel like this:

That's me in the blue Kirby Puckett jersey, looking like I am about to give birth after O.C.'s home run in game 163. The Phillie game today definitely had this feeling. Gardy agreed, saying:

"We are never going to top game 163 last year, but this one was similar. It had a lot of stuff flying around. You never felt very comfortable."

Of his home run, Drew Butera said:

"When I hit it, I started running and then I thought, 'Whoa, it has a chance.' "

Whoa indeed.

Somehow a Twins fan caught Butera's home run ball, and was kind enough to give it back to him--in exchange for a ball signed by Joe Mauer.

And did you know Drew Butera's Dad--former Twins' backup catcher Sal Butera--was at the game, and it was the first time he had ever seen his son play in the major leagues? Happy freakin' fathers day Sal!

My only piece of advice is to check out Curve For a Strike sometime soon, as I know Topper was at the game in Philadelphia today!

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  1. i nearly had a stroke from giddiness...and i wasn't even watching the game! i was only able to follow mlb gameday tracker. maybe that was a blessing in disguise...i might not have survived inning 10. :-D

    holy freakin' cow indeed!