Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Emotional Melt-Down Averted (and Other Notes)

Things were looking pretty bad for a minute there. I was almost convinced that all the non-Pavano starters for the Twins had turned into Jesse Crain in a pressure situation (my own personal hell).

But a trip to Target Field and a series win over the Tigers make me feel a lot better.

Now, to show that I am a real Twins blogger, I will address some hot topics I’ve seen floating around Twins internet territory.

“The Twins Need to Trade for Cliff Lee NOW”

Apparently a bunch of people think the Twins should trade Wilson Ramos—plus others—to get Cliff Lee.

I say: Really? People want to trade a top prospect and more for a two month rent-a-player? Am I taking crazy pills?

Anyone who thinks the Twins have a prayer to keep Lee past the end of this year, if a trade were made, must not know who Scott Boras is or the game Scott Boras plays. Lee would definitely be a two, three month rent-a-player TOPS.

I’m all for trading Ramos for a good deal, but come on people. Don’t get so rambunctious.

“Jeez Gardy—Jim Thome NEEDS to play everyday!”

No, he doesn’t. Jimmers is freakin’ 40 years old. He’s only hitting .206 against lefties. He has had back issues for quite some time, not to mention recent bouts of plantar fasciitis—a.k.a. Shannon Stewart disease. That stuff does not go away in one offseason.

As my professional scalping friend told me, he asked Thome at spring training if he would start an old man’s club with Brett Farve. Thome said, “I don’t know—but 40 years old and still playing professional football? Now THAT’S impressive!”

So for the love of freakin’ Jim Thome, please stop this nonsense.

“Interleague play is soooo unfair!”

This is just too much. Yeah, so the White Sox got to play the Pirates while the Twins got to play the Phillies. But guess what—luck is a very big part of baseball. Schedules are never going to be balanced and fair. Sometimes the Twins get to face a slumping team early in the season, while the Tigers have to face the same team during a hot streak later in the season. Your team just has to make sure they stay hot. That’s the game.

“Brendan Harris was outrighted to AAA! WHOOPEE!”

Okay, I was pretty darn excited about this too—but I felt a little bad after reading Brendan Harris’ most recent blog post, which he wrote just two days before being outrighted. It was a nice reminder that Brendan Harris is a real person. Even though he apparently doesn’t know the difference between a blog and a blog post, he is aware enough to admit he has been struggling and sounds eager to work hard at improving. So I’m behind him. Keep your head up Harris, and let’s see those numbers turn around!

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