Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Twins Sweep Tigers: Break Out the Small Whiskbrooms

Break out your small whiskbrooms Target Fielders—we finally have ourselves a sweep!

Series MVP? The Tigers! As Danny Gladden put it fairly well earlier today: “The Tigers are just horrendous . . . at catching the ball.” Not to mention the Twins getting their first walk off win at Target Field Tuesday night on a wild pitch from Detroit pitcher Ryan Perry.

That was pretty sweet, wasn't it?

Other thoughts, comments, and observations:

The “Keeping Ramos and Mauer” Debate.
The current hot discussion about how the Twins should go about keeping Ramos and Mauer on the team needs to stop. Really. The Twins aren’t going to be moving Mauer to third, aren’t going to be moving Ramos to third, and aren’t even—as one comment I saw suggested—going to be trading Cuddyer so that Mauer and Ramos can be platooned at catcher/DH. (Take a second to soak in the stupid.)

Ramos is a catcher. He has been a catcher his entire minor league career. That’s part of what makes him so valuable (good hitting catchers are, in fact, hard to come by). People out there seem to think Ramos can fill the Twins’ hole at third base by just moving him there. Ok--remember when the Yankees somehow came up with the brilliant idea of using Joba Chamberlain as a starter? Ramos at third would be like that, except fifty times worse.

The Twins need to trade Ramos for a something like a third baseman or starting pitcher of hopefully similar quality. This should be a no-brainer.

“Japanese fans are the best.” They flew in from Japan. They bought Denard Span shirts at Mall of America. They glued felt sideburns to the sides of their head. They spoke little English.

This is the kind of enthusiasm I like to see.

My mom asked them if they were Hanshin Tigers fans. They said no way, they were Hiroshima Carp Fans. And then they gave us Hiroshima Carp pins.

You really do notice new things at Target Field all the time. While pulling a “watch-how-fast-I-can-get-a-Murray’s-steak-sandwich” trick on my mom Tuesday—that is, using my ticket from the day before to get into the exclusive champion’s club ordering area and avoiding the 4 inning long lines everywhere else—I discovered this:

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but yes—this is a huge mural of Doug Mientkiewicz, next to a much smaller picture of Justin Morneau. And it’s just them two on that wall. I literally walked by this several times the night before and didn't even notice! Dougie needs to come see this stat.

Rest in Peace Ernie Harwell. Baseball truly lost someone special. Hopefully he wasn’t up there today watching the Tigers drop the ball again, again, and again.

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