Wednesday, May 26, 2010


But more importantly—DID YOU SEE THAT SQUIRREL?

As the announced crowd of 38,962 chanted “LETS-GO SQUIRR-EL,” the critter attempted to attack Brendan Harris (clearly a Twins fan).

Outdoor baseball is even better than I had ever imagined.

When the game started yesterday, the weather was beautiful. There had practically been not a cloud in the sky all day. But, as I have been a Minnesotan pretty much my whole life, I did still bring a poncho with me—which was good, because I needed it.

Watch below as the tarp is pulled out over Target Field for the first time:

(Sorry about my fingers getting in the way at times—I was trying to keep my camera from being soaked)

Many were upset about the rain delay (and even more about the following suspension, I’m sure). I was not one of those people (and no, I did not have tickets to the next game either). I’ve been to hundreds of baseball games and never seen a rain delay—and then my first one is the very first one ever at Target Field! How glorious! How historic! How magical!

So here’s what happens during a rain delay: you run to Hrbek’s and find out everyone else already had that idea and you can’t get in. So then you go up the escalators and get to the Metropolitan club in the nick of time.

Yes, the White Sox Fan is actually a friend of ours we met at the Metrodome.
Long story. I'll tell you another time.

(My Mom: "Why isn't everyone else as excited about this?!")

After that gets boring, you walk around the field and watch the people—like the guy in left field, dancing away in the rain:

(He must have just gotten out of Hrbek’s)

Then you walk around the ballpark some more and check out what the tarp looks like from different angles.

After an hour and twenty-three minutes, they announce the game is suspended until the next day.

And then it immediately stops raining.

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