Thursday, May 6, 2010

This One's Gone to the Birds

And I’m not talking about the damn Orioles.

Those with cable might have heard about this. He’s been featured on baseball tonight (ESPN) and MLB Tonight (MLB Netowrk). He’s the hawk, who has been watching Twins games (and moths) from atop the right field foul pole in Target Field.

Everyone freaking loves him.

Yes--the loud cheer from the fans in that video was just for the hawk eating the moth.

We named the bird Kirby (like any good animal in Minnesota).


Apparently, the bird is a Red-Tailed Falcon, there are two of them, and they live in a nest in the big Twins sign above the jumbo-tron! (I am so jealous.)

The bird also made's daily recap (at the six second mark).

Well now what do we name them? Kirby and Herbie? Torii and Jacque? Justin and Joe?

I vote for just calling both of them Kirby.


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Highlight of the Day: Target Field Bird?

Apparently, the Twins moved the hawk's nest out of the scoreboard. Probably didn't like all those fireworks anyway.


Kevin Hoffman from the CityPages totally ripped off my blog and made his own blog with my video!

And apparently the bird is not a Red Tailed Falcon, but a Kestrel Falcon. A lot of bird watching sites are getting a sudden flurry of Twins fans.

Others are claiming they have named the bird: Justin Moth-No, Radke, Mordecai (yeah, that makes absolutely no sense to me either), and general references to the Rally Hawk (even though he didn't produce a damn rally).

I got one fan here for Kirby the Kestrel. And another one here. Now that we know its a kestrel, it has to be Kirby!

Kirby the Kestrel's catch of the moth was number 9 on ESPN's top ten plays on May 7th, 2010.

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