Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Biogensis News Reports in Google Translated Japanese

Because I just can't get enough of the Biogensis suspensions handed out yesterday (and have entirely too much free time), I decided to read what the reporters are saying in Japan. Because I don't know Japanese, I used Google Translate.

NHK--the Japanese news stalwart--gives a nice overview of what happened:

12 people of the 50 game suspension
Was announced Major League Organization has accepted the suspension disposal of 50 match is the twelfth person following. 
Currently, five players are registered in the MLS. 
Nelson Cruz Rangers players, Johnny Peralta Tigers players, Antonio Bastard Phillies pitcher, Evers-Kaburera players Padres, is Francisco Seruberi Yankees. 
Six players to play in the minor leagues. 
Joe Danny Valdes pin Mets players, Cesar Puero Mets players, fouling Tino Derosusantosu Padres pitcher, Hesusu-Montero Mariners players, Fernando Martinez Yankees, is Sergio Esukarona Astros pitcher as well. 
It is now Jordan Norbert pitcher free agent addition.

I love how the Western names are phonetically translated. Too bad the translation can't pick up on nuances like "Jhonny". Japan is missing out on some jokes.

The next article I translated was apparently an opinion piece from the Japanese sports site JSports:

Dissonance = A-Rod of the Yankees
It is a comment which is not clothed in the tooth. The latter is also the former also is clearly directed against A • rod that is a challenge to the suspension disposal. Can I say that without the case, the U.S. media and are concentrated attack him. It's because such superstar best ever annual salary he is, why he is not supportive of media regularly also do not's included. For example, veteran reporter of the association, told me this way on condition that the sink one's name. "Fame Brown cooperative in coverage's fall to the ground in the drug uproar It's very unfortunate. However, where A-Rod has become suspended permanently, I do not think sorry at all" to coverage The players not cooperative, sympathy is not gather much. Reporters feel bad for (former Cardinals) Mark McGwire was a fresh start to recognize the mistakes obediently many cases, reporters have compassion for (former Giants) Barry Bonds underlie no comment woman with a fearless laugh off and very are. Reporters have to feel sorry for Brown in the same way, reporters think sorry for A-Rod that you suspect while acknowledging the mistake, was using drugs again equal to nil once.

Really, really wondering what the Barry Bonds comment means. 

Japanese sports website Sanspo, as it usually does, includes important quotes from each involved party at the end of its piece:

Story of Yankees Rodriguez
"(for drug use). you want to prove that I'm glad to be worn again uniform. you can play at a high level you want to talk time to talk when he comes" 
Story of Yankees Girardito use
"(Rodriguez) because ready. it is the hope that it will be innocence, but do not know what arbitrage or down. think first what to do use the 25 people in the club house . I also use the designated hitter in the future " 
Story of Selig Commissioner
"will protect integrity of. baseball thorough inspection of the drug, the study to the problem, fairness, its position in the future" 
Weiner story of the Major League Players Association executive director, 
"I do not think. mechanism that respects the will to fight disposal of Rodriguez and made a proper investigation in line with the provisions"

Nikkan Sports come through with the Japanese angle:

Ichiro and "do not know" A rod drug problem
 Yankees of Ichiro outfielder (39), has puzzled drug problem colleague Alex Rodriguez infielder (38). Expected to suspension disposal is official announcement from MLB 5 days today, A • rod of the vortex merging plans in Chicago expedition earlier with returns from the disabled list. It is a turn of affairs is likely to develop into a big scandal en masse media is surging from the National, but Ichiro seemed not come and pin labeled "Do you feel that so such? tabloid show like".
 Sense of reality was thin with regard drug problem. Said, "~, something about me and than say. Alex (in the U.S. media) was asked yesterday for the first time, was that about medications No, but is not presented in the way so much," and for medicine for "I He said with a perplexed expression even have heard. story you do not know well knowledge is too lack, do not know whether true. to be "it because too much is just too far.

I gather Ichiro said he didn't know about A-Rod's drug use, and then something really wise but I have no idea what.

Anyway, I could go down this rabbit hole for hours, but I won't. Instead I will leave you with this strangely poetic Google-Translated quote about the Yankees 2013 season:

It said the disabled etc. if only this one after another, the Yankees faced a number of star players, not totally vestiges of galaxy groups, sober lineup are lined up in the lineup

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