Friday, December 31, 2010

Huh? Why Didn't They Have Twins Fest at MOA?

The red chair in MOA, commemorating the longest home-run hit in Twins history, by Harmon Killebrew at Met Stadium (where the Mall of America now stands).

Harmon Killebrew has cancer,* and they don’t even move Twins Fest to Mall of America? Killebrew Drive? On top of Old Met Stadium, where he and the Twins and the Vikings played? Hello?

I haven’t been to Mall of America in a few years, but I can’t imagine there isn’t empty space there. Seriously, has anyone been on the 4th floor of MOA lately? I bet there’s a lot of space up there.

The Twins must be scaling back this year’s Twins Fest activities in light of the Metrodome Collapse. Personally, I was really looking forward to visiting my beloved Metrodome, so it’s a real bummer. But they could have made it big at MOA. Even I feel like I should go visit home-plate in the middle of the amusement park formerly known as Camp Snoopy.

I suppose maybe (?) the crowds will be smaller in Blaine—if I make it out there?

Seriously though—why didn’t they have it at Mall of America?

* I’ve been a little emotional about this all day, and am not ready to address it yet on my blog. Thanks for understanding.

If you are feeling charitable, give to the Harmon Killebrew Foundation. I have gone to his charity golf tournament banquet, and I know his foundation really does a great job helping disabled children, so it certainly is worth giving to.


  1. Thanks for the plug! Yes -- come to the banquet. 2011 is a special year as the banquet will celebrate Harmon's 75th birthday. Mark your calendar for June 29th at Target Field and show Harmon your support of his Foundation and his battle against cancer. He says he'll be there even if we have to wheel him in...

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