Thursday, April 29, 2010

10 Videos to Give Twins Fans the Warm Fuzzies

With the disappointing loss to the Detroit Tigers today, I thought I’d try to send out some good vibes.

Here are ten videos sure to give the Twins Fan the warm fuzzies:

#1- Loose Cannon #1 brings home Loose Cannon #2, Game 163 (Turn your volume on max for the best experience!)

#2 1991 Twins Dancing (with Tony Oliva)

#3 Al Newman Twins' Commercial: "YOU GOTTA GO! GO! GO! GO!"

#4 1991 Twins Coming Home Celebration on the Runway

#5 Blowing Out of the Metrodome

#6 Johan Santana wins bet, gets shout-out; shaves Bert Blyleven's Head.

#7 Jacque Jones: Already Home

#8 1991 Minnesota Twins Music Video: "One thing's certain about the Minnesota Twins, win or lose: they are one loose bunch of cool customers."

#9 Joe Mauer: "I made it really clear when we started this process: This is where I want to be. . . ."

#10 Take Me Out to the Twins Game

Tomorrow is a new series! Go Twins!

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