Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thoughts on Target Field and 2010

Around 13 years ago, my father—an architect—gave me this picture for my birthday:

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He presumably got the picture at some meeting concerning a new stadium for the Twins. These days, though, I find it more interesting than ever: this stadium has the Mississippi in the background, not downtown Minneapolis. What is that walkway behind center field? (A bike path? Part of the stadium?) The Northwest Advertisement is amusing, and the jumbro-tron looks downright puny. Even then, there was no roof, not even a trace of a retractable one. And it sure looks full of happy people--they got that right!

Of course, the picture was only incidental to the real present, which was on the back:

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It's amazing what the future brings. Even as a big fan of the Metrodome, I can say Target Field is a dream come true. Sure, I'll never get to be in the Hormel Row of Fame, but now I do get to watch the field as I wait in line for innings to get my Tony O Cuban Sandwhich! Really though, I'd be pinching myself if it weren't for Kirby's conspicuous absence.

We all miss Kirby--but I also remind myself: things could have been very different. I found, in what is purportedly Kirby’s last interview—with KMOJ 98.9, on January 30th, 2006—the following:

Larry Fitzgerald: Do you think the Twins will get a new stadium anytime soon?
Kirby Puckett: Not in my lifetime.

Less than two months later Kirby was gone; and less than two months after that, the Twins were slated to receive a new stadium.

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