Friday, May 27, 2011

Remembering Harm'

For the Twins and Twins fans, this week has mainly been about celebrating the life of Harmon Killebrew.

Wearing 3s

On Monday night—the first home game since Harmon’s passing—everyone was encouraged to wear number 3’s in Harmon’s honor. I visited Harmon’s statue before the game, where it was surprisingly quiet for the amount of people gathered there.

I was very impressed with the amount of people who wore 3's.

Denard Span got in the spirit before the game, signing many autographs for fans.

The team also paid tribute.

Harmon Killebrew's Memorial

Tonight, the team held a memorial for Harmon. I visited Harmon's statue before the game, and there were even more flowers and notes left. I also noticed, however, several people had taken single flowers out of bouquets and left a few at Kirby's statue. That was very touching to me—what a wonderful organization with the best fans in the world.

I assume those who care watched the memorial themselves. All I can say is this:

My favorite part was when Thome surprised us, sitting in the 523 ft. seat.

The saddest part was when sir Rodney Carew broke down crying at the podium, while recalling his last visit with Harmon.

The most touching part was when Nita—Harmon's wife—gave us his last days, his last words, and his last expression of how thankful he was for his fans.

Nita: You thought you couldn't do public speaking—but you did so, so well. You definietly made Harmon proud.

Other Pictures:

Hank Arron, Jim Kaat, and Michael Cuddyer

Mudcat Grant sings "It's a Wonderful World"

Cuddyer, Morneau, and Tolbert.

Love for Number Three.

Cuddyer steps up to speak

Fans, players, family, and 3.

Baseball listeners.

Thome mourns.

Nita Killebrew.

Thome and Hank.

Hank and Thome celebrate Harmon Killebrew.

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  1. Very touching.

    The Dodgers had a moment of silence before last Tuesday's game. He was a great ball player and a great human being.

    Rest In Peace Killer.