Wednesday, February 2, 2011

KARE 11 Airing Profile on Tsuyoshi Nishioka (Feb. 3 & Feb. 7)

(Oka Nishi major start to "the feeling of Rookie")

In case you haven’t heard, KARE 11 will be running a two-part profile on Tsuyoshi Nishioka on Thursday, February 3rd, and Monday, February 7th, both at 10pm CT. That's right--KARE 11 actually got around to sending reporters out to Japan to interview Nishioka and learn more about him.

If watching KARE 11 isn't your thing, you can get more Nishioka in your life by immediately driving down to MSP International and finding where all the Japanese reporters are staked out--because as I type, Nishioka is on a plane heading to Minneapolis! I had heard he wanted to be in the US by early February to avoid any jet-lag at camp, not to mention he probably needs to get the Minneapolis house he and his wife plan to share situated. Hope he brought his long johns.

And a note on TwinsFest--I unfortunately don't have any pictures. Why? Because I didn't go. My Mom and I had two tickets, and we were about to go... but then we realized we were both broke, that the parking was bad, the place sounded absolutely packed, I had a ton of law school work, and it was in freaking Blaine. I've heard mixed reports about how it fared, but I hope those that did go had a good time.


Nishi's here!! ツインズの西岡、米国入り 「早く暖かいフロリダへ」 (per Google Translate, my new BFF):

AP - Minneapolis. Oka Nishi 3-year contract with Major League Baseball - Twins hand Takeshi Utino reviews (26) February 2, arrived in Minneapolis on direct flights from Narita Airport. The impact of cold wave that hit the Midwest, freezing temperatures have frozen negative 18 degrees, "though it is cold, it was expected after that conference when I joined," said bright.

Upon arrival, tired and healed 100 + reviews Oka Nishi is ready for life in the United States and three days of house-hunting. In 5 days he will enter the Twins camp in Florida, "I want to practice in the warm Florida early" and seemed not wait.

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